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Featured below are just a few testimonials I've received from happy clients:

Diane Blaauw (57)

I started training with Ronel 4 years ago in a bid to get fit and generally tone up.  This I achieved as Ronel is always encouraging and supportive and our sessions are always hard work with an element of fun.  Every session is different and Ronel is extremely knowledgeable and I trust and value her guidance.  I whole heartedly recommend Ronel as a Biokineticist without reservation. 

Vicky Weydeman

Die laaste jaar was vir my ‘n nagmerrie t.o.v. spierspasmas asook konstante spierpyne. Ek is nie ‘n person wat daarvan hou om in ‘n gimnasium te oefen nie totdat ek Ronel ontmoet het. Sy het haar Pilates klasse aanbeveel en ek kan met alle eerlikheid getuig dat my lewe handomkeer verander het nadat ek met die klasse begin het. Nie net kry ek individuele aandag nie a.g.v. die klein klasse nie, maar word my probleme geidentifiseer en met die korrekte oefening aangespreek.Haar persoonlikheid hou my ook deurentyd gemotiveerd en is dit ‘n plesier om oefening toe te gaan. Ronel is kundig op haar vlak en sal ek haar Pilates klasse ongetwyfeld vir enige person aanbeveel.

Tony Sutil (44)
Cell: 0839607651

Before I started exercise therapy with Ronel Labuschagne four years ago, I suffered from chronic knee pain as a result of osteoarthritis in both my knees. This had been caused by the wearing down of cartilage in the inner side of my knees. Surgeons suggested that I should undergo surgery to cut a wedge out of my thigh bones to re-align my knees to alleviate the pain. I wasn’t prepared to have this extensive surgery, so I went to Ronel for an evaluation. She found that my glutes and hamstrings were very weak and needed strengthening through exercise therapy. After a few months of exercise therapy, I could feel a marked decline in my knee pain. I could do activities that I couldn’t do before due to knee pain (e.g. long walks, playing volleyball etc.). I no longer had daily knee pain from long hours on my feet at work.

The exercise therapy has yielded such good benefits and I have decided to continue for as long as possible. Ronel is very professional and keeps a close eye on my exercise sessions to ensure that I do the exercises properly so as not to damage my knees. She has a vast knowledge of various exercises which are the best for my condition. My quality of life has improved dramatically as my knees have become almost pain free as my muscles have strengthened due to the exercise programme designed by Ronel.

Marizanne Grunow
Cell: 0828279202

Ronel Labuschagne is a Biokineticist who is absolutely in a league of her own. She did not only do a brilliant job with my rehabilitation after a horse riding accident, she orchestrated a complete turnaround in my general attitude towards fitness and posture. She forced me in a delicate way out of my perception of my own abilities which I regarded as limited into the conviction that I am capable of much more than I could ever imagine. She is dedicated and drive personified.


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